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CATALYST ZEOLITE CO.,LTD main produce zeolite , catalyst and catalyst carrier:
ZSM-5, TS-1, Beta zeolite, SSZ-13 zeolite, Sapo-34, ZSM-22, ZSM-35,

FCC catalyst, Hydrogenation catalyst, Desulfurization Agent, Arsenic Removal Media, etc.


Our company is an internationalized new and high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, industrial production and sales. It is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, sales and relevant technological service of zeolite, petrochemical catalysts, purificants, precious metal, rare metal and inorganic chemical materials. Our company has many sets of catalyst external vulcanization and hydrogen reduction equipment, which can undertake catalyst vulcanization, reduction and processing of materials. And at the same time, we have independent right to import and export.



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Our company began to provide zeolite and catalyst products and services in 2004

Our company has more than ten years of experience in the field of catalysts and zeolites
Our customers are all over the world
Our partners include professors and doctors from various universities and many scientific research institutions. We have in-depth cooperation

Catalyst Zeolite CO.,LTD
Catalyst Zeolite CO.,LTD
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Brands : QD

No. of Employees : 50~80

Annual Sales : 10000000-30000000

Year Established : 2008

Export p.c : 50% - 60%